The Truckstop Ministries

The Truckstop Ministries is an outreach to truckers and travelers across America to provide trans-denominational fellowship meetings at truck stops. It is the Ministries intent to reach all truckers and travelers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of their spirital, religious or denomination background.

The First Baptist Church has three chaplins, Kevin Nelson, Kris Kunkel and John Lafferty, that hold Truckstop fellowship meetings at the Petro Truck Stop on Sunday mornings. Each Sunday they may have any number from two to thirty in attendence.

Bordentown Area Community Caring Network

The Bordentown Area Community Caring Network is an ecumenical consortium of local congregations of which the First Baptist is one. We help out the less fortunate in our community by providing meals and groceries to the people housed in the motels along Rt. 130 and 206.

Food Pantry

The First Baptist members donate food items each week for the Bordentown Food Pantry at the St. Marys Church. The church has several volunteers help in the pantry each week.

T.A.S.K. (Trenton Area Soup Kitchen)

The First Baptist has members who help serve food at the T.A.S.K. each month.

Singles Dinner

The singles dinner is held twice a month in the lower fellowship hall. This meal provides a home cooked meal for those who may not have time to cook each night, the resources, or need.

Baptist Camp Lebanon

Each spring the young people of our church raise funds to attend the camp. At the camp they learn to live together and experience the the benefits of a Christian Community. Many friendships,happy memories and commitment to Christ have been created there.

Other Missions and Programs

  • Pastoral Relations
  • Capital Association
  • Crop Walk to help end World hunger
  • Riverview Estates
  • Retired Ministers and Missionaries
  • World Missions