Rev. Dr. Mark Stauffer, Pastor

Will D’Alesio, Part-time Youth Pastor  (Click here for additional information for Will D’Alesio)

  • Helen Magowan,  Organist
  • Paul Chapin,  Choir Director
  • Janice Chapin,  Asst. Choir Director
  • Terry Bell,  Secretary
  • Larry Goad,  Facilities Manager
  • Mike Carson,  Custodian


  • Dan Studzinski,  Moderator
  • Barbara Blair,  Clerk
  • Lynn McCabe,  Assistant Church Clerk
  • Ken Neeld,  Local Expense Treasurer
  • Robert McCormick,  Asst. Local Expense Treasurer
  • Marty Goodrich,  Benevolence Treasurer
  • Sue Scassero,  Financial Secretary
  • Betty Carlson,  Asst. Financial Secretary
  • Mary Johnson,  Congregation Liaison

Board of Deacons

The Board shall assist the Pastor in his work, encourage and support the spiritual growth, provide the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Believer’s Baptism and aid the Pastor in their administration. It is the duty of the Board to have general oversight of the church membership, encourage inactive memebership to return to active status, watch over the the infirmed and needy, and witness at large, and be responsible for the administration of community/fellowship offering.

  • Amy Farina, Chairperson
  • Scott Magowan
  • Beverly Alustiza
  • Marge Witman
  • Nancy Nelson
  • Rick Scassero
  • Betty Roberts
  • Chris Norcross
  • Beverly Thomas
  • John Lafferty

Board of Trustees

It is the duty of the Trustees to hold in trust all property belonging to the church and take measures for its protection, management, maintenance, and upkeeping. The Board shall have the responsibility to review and approve any recommendations for any investments, title papers, and other valuable documents of the church. The Board determines the use of the church building for all purposes.

  • Sharon McCormick, Chairperson
  • Steve Rafferzeder
  • Warren Bell
  • Tom Stuart
  • Ron Franks
  • Sandi Stark
  • Jason Bird
  • Robert Witman
  • Ken Blair

Board of Christian Education

It is the duty of the Board to study the educational needs of the church, including Sunday School, Youth Group Programs, Vacation Bible School, adult education and outreach programs in order to plan, promote and administer a comprehensive program of Christian Education.

  • Lauren McWhirk, Chairperson
  • Melanie DeLa Cruz
  • Lynne Stauffer
  • Dodie Nelson
  • Janet Strusz
  • Sara Lewis


  • Advisory Council
  • Audit
  • Convention Delegates
  • Investment
  • Music
  • Nominating
  • Ushering